What is a Grave Blanket? – Just Give Me 2 Minutes | diy grave decoration ideas | 55designers.com

May 11, 2022
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May 11, 2022
What is a Grave Blanket? - Just Give Me 2 Minutes

What is a Grave Blanket? – Just Give Me 2 Minutes | diy grave decoration ideas | 55designers.com

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What is a grave blanket? How did the tradition of using grave blankets come about in the US and when are they used?

Kari the Mortician explains!

diy grave decoration ideas



  1. Carol S says:

    I never heard of this

  2. My Brother & Grandparents are buried here in San Diego at a Military Cemetery & grave blankets are not allowed.

  3. I always knew this to be a "northeast thing". In the New Jersey, New York area traditionally, we always put grave blankets out at Thanksgiving and the cemeteries keep them on through Christmas. They are everywhere in the tristate area and it's usually the florists selling them nearest the cemeteries. I have never seen a woven one, they are usually anywhere from 30-48in long. It's always been a special way to include our loved ones in the holiday season.

  4. BILLYJOE957 says:

    You are adorable 🙂

  5. JH1234 says:

    I’d like to order a few and place them around my front yard to see if the neighbors say anything

  6. I have ordered one at Christmas time to cover my nephews grave. Add a few toys and it is beautiful.

  7. I'm pretty sure some branches with pine needles are not gonna keep someone that's buried 6 feet under the ground warm. I guess it's the thought matters here right? Lol

  8. Thats a great idea love it

  9. Dec. gyrrl says:

    I thought it looked like Christmas. I used to think they were used at the holidays. Thank u for sharing that.

  10. Mark Evanger says:

    Grew up in a Scandinavian portion of Northern North Dakota and have never heard of a grave blanket before.

  11. Beautiful and its like tucking them in:)
    Awesome video💓💓💓

  12. Helen Walker says:

    Thank you Kari, ikook forward to seeing all of your videos because ive learnt so much from you and i eagerly await your next videos. Never heard the term Grave Blanket before but here in CA were not allowed to leave things on the grave for too long because it gets tossed up once a week, when the cleaning crew comes thru i think

  13. My grandfather worked for a trucking company and he would haul loads that were nothing but grave blankets to Northern Wisconsin. Thanks for the memory of my grandpa.

  14. I have also seen an actual afghan or blanket on Baby's graves in CT 💙

  15. ꧁Katt꧂ says:

    Menards!! I haven't heard that name in at least TEN years!!

  16. Never heard of this! – Hope you are well & how is the Pine Box Club going? Anyway, dear Lady Of Michigan, a belated Happy St Valentines' Day & hopefully a better 2021 to you and yours. Best!…. TJ the DJ

  17. This is new to me, but one tradition that I do would favor in making popular once again! Thank you for sharing, Kari!

  18. Sue Poch says:

    TFS! Your channel always provides me a “nugget” ok knowledge! Thank you for this! 👍👍👍👍👍✌️❤️🙏🏼🇺🇸

  19. J Queen says:

    We place grave blankets each year just prior to Christmas. In Ohio.

  20. Drew Wise says:

    While I enjoy every single two minute video this one by far was my FAVORITE. I had never heard the term grave blanket.I had seen pictures from cemeteries that had them and just thought well that’s different, in GA we just leave flowers on a new burial where it is still grass that has not grown back together. After that the family just leaves flowers in the vase and makes sure all is good at the cemetery.

  21. Adam Andrews says:

    I already commented! Thanks for your kind reply. Never found one in this grave blanketless state! Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

  22. Dana Storkey says:

    I grew up in Michigan and have known about grave blankets since I was very very young, possibly 8/9 years old. Going to my grandmother's funeral and seeing them on pretty much every grave.

  23. Catlady says:

    Thank you for this! I just lost my son and I want this to be placed on my son's grave before cold in Northern Florida. His monument will not be installed until February. I will make it myself…if necessary. Thank you so much for this video. My heart is so broken!!

  24. I'd never heard of this, but what a sweet tradition.

  25. It is very common in Pennsylvania, I do this every year for my daughters grave and actually we decorate it the cemetery just put on the ribbon for us we do the rest. It gives us a chance to spend time together and out at her grave remembering the time we had with her♥️♥️♥️

  26. Thai Mays says:

    So if a grave blanket is supposed to keep your loved one warm in the winter time what is a grave pillow supposed to do

  27. Greg Hardin says:

    Oh how funny, I always thought they were for the Mormon Scandinavians, that migrated to Utah in the late 1800’s, people like the Van Wagners and such. LOL
    The cemetery near my house has a holiday tradition every year that the local Boy Scout Troop puts luminaries (bags of sand with a tea light) on the graves usually on December 18th and families gather to sing Christmas Carols and they have a few complimentary “hot chocolate” stands throughput the grounds. It’s a Family Tradition that we look forward to attending every year.
    Great Video as always Kari, Happy Holidays and Big Hugs from Salt Lake City!

  28. BoobLee Boo says:

    I’m always learning. Thank you!

  29. Felicity S says:

    One question…How long do they remain on the grave? Thanks, Kari. 🙏❤️

  30. Felicity S says:

    I learned something brand new! Very interesting! 👍❄️

  31. There is a cemetery near my trucking terminal that has a handful of burial plots that have them

  32. They are used alot here where I live! They are a bit pricey though…

  33. D Hurley says:

    In NY, you only see grave blankets at Christmas time.🎄

  34. Texas Born says:

    I bought a grave blanket for my mom way back in 1984 here in Texas. The funeral home at the cemetery sold them. They don't sell them much anymore, because of price ? I don't know ? But I think most people want to decorate the grave of the love one on thier own.

  35. S. Humphrey says:

    There's a nursery near me that sells a ton. Thinking of getting one for my friend.

  36. It is an Irish American tradition also in Pennsylvania. I live in northeast Philadelphia and they are sold at farm markets and wherever they sell Christmas trees during the holidays. Most cemeteries here that allow them will only keep them on the graves for about a month.

  37. Very interesting video, Kari!

  38. We live in the thumb of Michigan. We always put grave blankets on our parent’s graves.

  39. Thai Mays says:

    Are they reuseable?

  40. Carol S says:

    I never heard of that

  41. joyce smith says:

    I get one for my parents grave every other year.
    On a different note. NJ has one natural cemetery and its in Cale May county. A little too far for me since I'm in northern Jersey. I'm leaning towards cremation. No embalming and no casket. Can one be cremated wrapped in a shroud and placed in the oven without a casket or the cardboard box? Curious. I want to be dispatched within 24 hours, no viewing. Although my daughter wants to see me before the event. Your thoughts and suggestions.

  42. Never saw one here in Md I had a coworker whose boyfriend made one for her. On the wood frame he nailed chicken wire. Then she inserted greens , balls, etc. They would reuse it every year. It nice to see but like you said not necessary.

  43. Wow! Great tidbit. It explains why I sometimes see this on graves.

  44. Helene Black says:

    Hi Kari,
    To some of your viewers that are poking fun of this ‘tradition’, this is not to keep a loved one warm. I’m sure they mean no disrespect, so let’s educate them some more. It’s simply called a blanket due to its shape. It is in the northern states and mid Atlantic states as a custom. You want flowers on your loved ones graves during the winter holiday but flowers will not make it through the holiday as they freeze and die quickly in these climates, where as evergreens will last. Hope this helps.

  45. Adam says:

    Here in central Ohio my family has placed grave blankets for as long as I remember. The Catholic cemetery where my paternal grandparents are let’s you pay the cemetery and they take care of purchasing and placing it.

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