How to make open heart sympathy arrangement | diy grave decoration ideas |

May 10, 2022
Medicinal Pumpkins
Medicinal Pumpkins | hospital pumpkin decorating ideas |
May 10, 2022
How to make open heart sympathy arrangement

How to make open heart sympathy arrangement | diy grave decoration ideas |

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This free DIY video will demonstrate how to make an open heart standing fresh flowers funeral arrangement. The instructions are easy to follow with tips, tricks, and trade secrets provided by a professional florist. I need to prepare a standing open heart with fresh flowers today. In particular, I will be using white roses, white chrysanthemum and pink roses. This type of flower arrangement is quite easy to make yourself, even without a years of floral design experience. This type of flower is commonly used for many purposes such as weddings, memorial ceremonies and even for Valentine’s Day. The main thing is to have a basic shape, for example, I have a wire frame in the shape of a heart about 24-25” in diameter. I will need to soak two blocks of the floral sponge oasis . When soaking a sponge, you just need to put it on the surface of warm water without pressing on it and allow it to absorb water itself, freely submerging. Otherwise, air pockets may remain in it and the flowers, once in them, will quickly wither. Then you need to cut the blocks so that they fit to fill the hollow space in the wire frame. Fill the space and wrap with plastic tape specially designed for this purpose. If there is none, you can use it for wrapping around regular cut garbage bags as we show in our other videos. It is enough to wrap it once, but if you plan to make a bulky, heavy and more voluminous wreath, then it is advisable to wrap it twice. Only then, may it be necessary to make cuts with a knife to be able to insert flowers in the sponge, especially for flowers with soft stems. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to create a beautiful open heart flower arrangement.
Materials used:
Ivory or white roses 20-24stems
Pink roses 20-24stems
10-12 white chrysanthemums
Wire open heart frame 24” in diameter
Baby’s breath, salal greens
Plastic wrapping tape
Poly satin ribbon
Floral wire
Floral tools

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  1. Maria Guach says:

    Primero se pone el follaje y luego las flores, the greenery is first after flowers

  2. Good day…I want to start this business,however how do I get the rock to start.I am talking about the shaped rocks

  3. Reanna Pena says:

    Can we use Saran Wrap instead do wrap it?

  4. So beautiful and easy to follow directions .Always wanted to try these kind of arrangements. So time to give it a try if I can find the supplies. Thanks fo a great tutorial

  5. Beautiful arrangement Where can I get the wire heart frame to buy online I am not in the USA?

  6. R. Burtnett says:

    Absolutely GORGEOUS and I LOVE ❤ it.
    Hearts and Pink Roses, with the White is stunning. I am anxious to make one for my Daddy, a Valentine's Day baby and he loved his Rose Bushes 🌹❤. Thank you for sharing your talent and explaining everything in detail for beginners. RPB

  7. What’s the green wrap called ?

  8. zigzag4000 says:

    Where did you go to do for Arrangements

  9. M Fendel says:

    Love this! Very beautiful arrangement

  10. Toni Newman says:

    This is simply beautiful. Wonderfully narrated. Answered all the questions or concerns I had as I was watching.

  11. renee says:

    where is the best place to buy your water proof tape and ribbon?

  12. Elsa Fines says:

    Thank you for sharing your skills!
    Beautiful work!

  13. fire bird says:

    Very Neatly Classy Done .
    I would follow your rule of thumb.
    I would like to start this business.

  14. Marie Damon says:

    Thank you this was very helpfull and i think its buitiful x

  15. tt says:

    Where can I get those supplies

  16. Kerry Bowers says:

    How do you water the blocks? Are these soaked before you secure to wire frame ?

  17. G. Joi Lemon says:

    This is a beautiful heart. I was wondering could you make this with silk flowers as well?

  18. Yvonnie Roe says:

    Than you for sharing the details on how to make these. My Uncke just passed away and I wanted to make some for the burial site.

  19. Lovie Randle says:

    Thank you for the tutorial! That's a beautiful arrangement. Where do you get your flower from?

  20. Hello, where do you order the metal that you used.

  21. Liz M says:

    My Daughter father just passed away she wants to make one for her daddy to put on his grave can this be outside 🤔

  22. New subscriber! Thx for sharing!

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