Basement Finishing Ideas | basement wall decor ideas |

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Basement Finishing Ideas

Basement Finishing Ideas | basement wall decor ideas |

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A smart way to finish a basement wall! Please contact your local Basement Systems Dealer or Total Basement Finishing Dealer for a FREE Estimate.
basement wall decor ideas



  1. Jaypros _ says:

    You never said anything about the cost

  2. Why would anybody want to drill screws to the foundation walls? Doesn’t that make it easier for water to come through from the outside than? Or it can actually crack the foundation. There is ways to put the dry wall up without having to damage the foundation walls. There is ways to put up drywall without having to drill anything into the foundation walls. Just so everyone is aware it’s super expensive to fix or redo the foundation wall… .

  3. Is it affordable by the average income person or family. I doudted

  4. Allen Thomas says:

    What is the cost and how hard is it to install?

  5. Allen Thomas says:

    Do you have to waterproof basement first?

  6. Would this work on a rock foundation basement?

  7. Great Scott says:

    Looked interesting until you showed those hideous "finishing" panels. Who would want that as the final look?

  8. Idk what this guy is on about but graphite is both conductive and organic.

  9. where can I buy this at?

  10. John Doe says:

    It looks good but I prefer not to nail or screw anything into my concrete foundation. That can jeopardize the Integrity of the foundation itself.

  11. Shawn P says:

    But unfortunately this is not commercial,and metal studs used commercially twist and rest as well. They have definitely gotten better over the years but I don't like them and would never put them in my house, you can easily Bend and twist them with your hands the longer they are the easier they are to bend and twist..when new construction settles the metal studs attached to concrete or block comes loose alot over do time. They're cheaper,fire rating but nothing else.

  12. jim h says:

    can you build off of the wall, to make rooms?

  13. Shawn P says:

    Metal studs suck, easily twist and rust.

  14. Hi Lidiya! Yes, we would love to give you a free estimate. Please call us at 888-943-8823!

  15. we live in Northwest suburbs in IL would you be able to give us an estimate ?

  16. eljuandale says:

    Can you place drywall right on top of the foam?

  17. Klutzy68 says:

    I'd like to see some prices too. What is the R value? These look nice, but I wish builders would remember that many of us would appreciate a variety of color choices. I'm not sure I'd like vinyl, either. Will you offer any other wall materials?

  18. jjs777fzr says:

    I had Dr Energy come out to quote closed cell foam for an older portion of my basement. For the newer portion – they gave me a verbal quote for this system which was less than $4k for 85 liner feet of wall – at about 8ft height. Much more cost effective than other basement systems. I like the idea of adhesive bond to basement wall – I'd never tap screws into the concrete – that's just me. That quote is just for the panels and I doubt if it included installation – I didn't ask.

  19. thetruth says:

    Ok I have gravity drain basement which means at the perimeter of the basement floor there's a 1" gap where water I guess is drained and runs by gravity to a well and out. if by putting your wall against the basement wall would the gap prevent water from draining to well? Please get back to me soon TY.

  20. osculant says:

    "You can easily patch it with putty" Funny, I didn't know putty came with Cavity Protection now!

  21. There are multiple channels to avoid that issue you mentioned. That may not be clear on this video.

  22. QQuack says:

    Electric Looks like a pain in the A- Have to chase electric and networking separable or you have interference- Unless you buy some very expensive shielded cable.

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