AFFORDABLE BIRTHDAY PICNIC INSPO | picnic table decorating ideas |

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AFFORDABLE BIRTHDAY PICNIC INSPO | picnic table decorating ideas |

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Hi everyone!

Here is an affordable birthday picnic inspo that you guys can apply to your special events! Buy used products as much as you can (except plates, glasses, cutlery)

Wood Pallets
Table runner and napkins
Place mat
Plates, cutlery, and napkin ring
Grape ciders and champagne glasses
Balloon garland kit and circle pole
Cushion and rugs

If I missed anything, please ask on the comment down below! Enjoy and have a fun picnic 🙂

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picnic table decorating ideas



  1. We just had backyard picnic.

  2. Help me recommend the materials that are good to start a picnic business

  3. DesignerGirl says:

    Beautiful setup. Just found you and subscribed to your channel. When's the next video? 😄💖

  4. LeAnn says:

    Hi do you remember how much this all was together roughly? Trying to do this for thanksgiving so just checking my budget 😍☺️

  5. Diana Cubias says:

    Did you have to get a permit for the lake?

  6. I love this❤️. Will probably do this for my 21st birthday. Thanks for sharing this awesome idea 💡

  7. Serena. D says:

    How long was the table runner

  8. Nafja Ch says:

    Awesome guys. Where did u get garland stand?

  9. Simply amazing 🤩

  10. Dutch V. says:

    You guys did an awesome job!!! The background music is really nice, what's the name of it? I love jazz.

  11. Jtof says:

    I love this! I love the colors! I like the trim on the plates, but at that price… I think ceramic or glass plates from ikea or dollar tree would have been more affordable because they are reusable. I'm pretty big on reusing. One of my pet peeves is having random serveware on a tablescape. I got 2 sets of 3 white serveware/bakeware dishes for $20 from bed bath and beyond. they are oval-ish. At ikea i got matching glass bowls (matching as in smooth on the inside, mat on the outside). When I host a party and people are bringing a dish, I transfer it. It make a *Pretty* big difference.

  12. Andrea Lukas says:

    Love ittt definitely a success 🥳 HIGHLY recommend to bring that wagon 🤣

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