**BEAUTIFUL CEILING MAKEOVER** DIY FABRIC CEILING | WAVED-STYLE CEILING TUTORIAL | vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas | 55designers.com

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**BEAUTIFUL CEILING MAKEOVER** DIY FABRIC CEILING | WAVED-STYLE CEILING TUTORIAL | vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas | 55designers.com

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Hey Guys! SOOO excited to share with you about my esthetic studio’s ceiling makeover! I revealed this amazing DIY Fabric Ceiling in my last video, the Updated Esthetician Room Tour (linked below). My cousin and auntie were so awesome and recorded a waved-style ceiling tutorial for you guys. Please comment with any questions you may have, give this video a thumbs-up because my auntie and cousin are so awesome for doing this for me. I love how it came out. Subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you guys back here on Sunday for a new video.

ALSO be sure to comment below any questions you want me to address in my next ESTHETICIAN Q&A Video!




– Everbilt Twisted Mason Line
– I-Hooks and J-hooks from Home Depot
– Dritz Sewing and Craft Tape:
-Measuring Tape
vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas



  1. How many j hooks and i hooks did you buy?

  2. Nikki Nicole says:

    Super cute, but seems like it would cover up the vents and affect lighting on the ceiling

  3. OBX ARMS says:

    Holy crap you talk alot…

  4. warm nights says:

    how did you do the "over under" thing? i can't understand the concept. its so the string isn't visible right?

  5. Erica C says:

    Came out real nice! 👍🏼😊
    Video starts 4:29 to 6:13

  6. Misha says:

    Love it! 🙂

  7. Wow you made the exact tutorial I was looking for!!! So excited to do this to my space. I transferred my practice home now working in my garage. The ceiling is hideous 😳

  8. timay619 says:

    Purchased for my teen daughters canopy bed MyseIf.Furniture Completes the look and she is just in love. Easy to assemble. My husband and I put it in place in under 10 minutes, but could totally do this yourself. Very happy.

  9. Thought this would at least explain the type of fabric……..

  10. Shauna Byers says:

    Over and under the string? 😳🧐🤔I’m not sure what you mean, by the hooks 🪝? Or the actual string? Than how? Please do tell because your so inspiring to Lmt like myself. Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

  11. Marea Sachs says:

    Can you explain what the J hooks are used for? I’ve watched 4x, it doesn’t say? I see in comments how many you used but for what?

  12. Awesome. I am actually doing this at my spa. I am a new owner. So excited that I found you. I am a mom of 9 and this is my new venture. I am loving it.

  13. unlike.. you filming ourselves instead showing the fabrics

  14. Nadir Younan says:

    Thank you ladies. I'm going to do the same for my daughter's room.

  15. Jenna Rayth says:

    Wow you are so blessed to have beautiful family members like them that love you that much I am so happy for you and I want all of your families YouTube channels LOL it’s a support for me and I want to tell you I love all of your videos they are so helpful God bless you for helping us through your journey💖✨🙏

  16. Lovely. Very helpful video. Please did you cut the materials

  17. TheRalexm says:

    What kind of fabric was used?

  18. I was wondering if you can tell me how much fabric you used and in what size room? By the way the is awesome.

  19. Looks nice, but they didn't show how to do it!!

  20. TheRalexm says:

    Hi! What kind of fabric did they use?

  21. Alexis Lane says:

    Thanks for continuing to post your videos they’re extremely motivational. I’ve been a licensed esthetician since 2016 in California but went back to college in TN to finish my bachelors degree. I’ve found your videos so helpful throughout my journey with working going to school gaining more education
    Going back to the drawing board on investing and figuring out all the steps to take through a global pandemic. Glad I subscribed to your channel. 😄

  22. Omg, thank you. Your saved my brain

  23. J Doe says:

    In my unfinished side of our basement the beams, support wood, and insulation are ALL exposed. I am going to try to use your method since Home Depot and any other place I have looked don't have simple and cheap material to cover this eye sore. Thanks so much for the video and hope to have it look at good as yours.

  24. Adiv Godiva says:

    Thanks for sharing this video and it's really inspiring 🙌❤

  25. Shaundrell says:

    I will have to try this and add fairy lights underneath fabric so when I dim the lights , it will definitely set the mood for my clients 😇

  26. Cody L says:

    This is a adorable in so many ways. I found your channel a week ago and I love your content.

  27. Great video Kristen! Can we share this with our clients that need more info on draping a ceiling? Thanks so much ❤️

  28. What did you use the j hooks for?

  29. Im confused with the under and over method

  30. swishh55 says:

    I've been looking for this! Need something for my screened-in porch ceiling and this, hopefully, will work.

  31. Was watching this for my small bedroom 😅

  32. What’s the over under method? Is that with each space?

  33. Wanda Davis says:

    What is the name of the line string you used? Video went too fast. You all did a fantastic job, and I’m a new subscriber to your channel.

  34. I'm in love with your ceiling it's sooooo beautiful!

  35. Can you use a tulle fabric?

  36. Sara Burcham says:

    I’m a new Sub , I’m in school currently and loving your videos. They have been so informative 🙏💟

  37. Girl if your facials made that mom look that young , your next trick will be walking on water. No one would believe that she has a fully grown daughter


  39. Bakchodi km kaam zada

  40. Please do a REALLY detailed video. I’m in the process of doing this now. I inquired with an interior designer but just drapes alone are $600

  41. how do you change the lights when they need to be replaced ?

  42. Hello, you mentioned the I hooks with the string, but what are the J hooks for that was mentioned in the video, LOVE the decor

  43. Maliah Aziz says:

    Wow this is a beautiful family making beautiful crafts… I love it! you ladies are all gorgeous and smart.

  44. Sheriee Lee says:

    This is awesome!! I will be using for my new space 🦋

  45. What are the j hooks for???? I guess I was just a little confused on that part

  46. Woah it actually looks quite simple and doable

  47. What fabric did you guys use?

  48. I loooove this 💕💕

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