Mums grave clean up | diy grave decoration ideas |

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May 7, 2022
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May 7, 2022
Mums grave clean up

Mums grave clean up | diy grave decoration ideas |


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Mum’s grave was looking a bit shabby, so we cleaned it up and re-boarded the top in something longer lasting. Miss mum when I see this clip.
diy grave decoration ideas



  1. You guys did a fantastic job your parents would be proud of you

  2. Richie O says:

    Very beautiful and thoughtful! I loved seeing the family written names on the rocks, aww you guys. Xoxo

  3. Margy Lees says:

    Beautiful video ❤

  4. Juelsz M says:

    Umm can you please tell us where you got the stones from ?

  5. Tina BRIGHT says:

    Beautiful 😍 Your mom is smiling with joy at the love at your beautiful care ❤

  6. What a beautiful idea to honor your mother! Thank you for sharing

  7. I remember Ma like yesterday

  8. Tre Tre says:

    Wow beautifully decorated…wish we could see how y'all did it

  9. Teresa R says:

    Kiaora whanau this is beautiful. I have a few questions I'm wanting to do a box surround for my dad and I have no idea where to start. Would you habe any advice how I may go about or where I can go about enquiring about a simple boxing for a garden finish ?

  10. Beautiful! Can you tell me how you made the rose shape?

  11. belleg1980 says:

    Beautiful ❤️

  12. EJ Ioane says:

    how did you guys keeps the purple peebles/stones in a perfect shape of a rose?

  13. Thant is absolutely beautiful…do u all have a video of this DIY? My condolences to you and your family..Im missing my mom everyday she passed away on April 11th..Im trying to get the perfect headstone and covering for her grave now..

  14. Nice grave…plz who sung this song..

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